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"Mitch has been my Ag Attorney for many years and knows the business as good as any professional farmer.  I consult with him on every legal question or concern in my business.  When faced with problems, I am assured that Mitch is going to get me through it with success!   He is a smart lawyer who has won every case even the ones against top law firms in the nation.   If it weren't for Mitch, I would of lost everything.  He is the very best in his profession."      Greg, Berry Farmer

"Mitch Taylor worked really hard to save my farm so that I can continue to make money for my family.  He got me everything I expected out of the crop damage lawsuit, especially my pride"    Tom, Blueberry Grower

"Mitch is the greatest Ag lawyer I've ever known.  He truly cares for his clients.  Because of Mitch I am able to continue to grow almonds even after I was faced with a packing house disaster."    Steve, Almond Grower

"I was faced with faulty packing line costing me a lot of money every day and was unable to get any restitution from the equipment company. Thank goodness I was told about Mitch Taylor, who surprised me with his knowledge.  He forced the return of my money so that I could buy a new packing line."   Paul, Stone Fruit Grower

"Mitch Taylor has represented my business for many years.  No matter what problem I'm faced with, I can count on him taking care of it as quickly and efficiently as possible....and winning all my cases!      Phil, Packer

"Mitch worked diligently to get our life back after our home was completely destroyed by fire from a defected PG&E meter.  Thanks to Mitch, we won the case and received the money we needed to re-build our dream home.    Nancy and Dave, Homeowners

​"The construction industry is complex, and having an attorney who is knowledgable in this profession is key to resolving problems before they get out of hand.  Mitch is not only my legal advisor but my go-to attorney.  He is a fair and well seasoned lawyer with an ethical approach to resolving all my problems.  The outcomes to all my cases has always been good.   I have recommended Mitch to many other individuals in the construction industry, who were thankful as well.    Derrick, General Contractor

"Professional, persistent, and patient are the words I would use to describe Mitch Taylor.  
Mitch made me feel at ease and told me I did in fact have a case and clearly laid out a plan to execute on my behalf.    I was facing a stressful and complicated consumer law issue.  Mitch not only settled out of court, but very quickly.   I was more than satisfied for the outcome and amount he obtained for me."   Evelyn, Consumer

"Mitch was instrumental in creating my corporation with an added bonus of giving me the advise to insure that my business had a chance to be successful.   It's clear that he has years of experience and his pep-talk was much appreciated.   Thank you Mitch!    Elaine, Business Owener

​"Mitch has been our lawyer for several years.  He has done a great job of defending us in cases brought against us and in winning cases we have brought.  Our full service hazardous waste disposal company, have in Mitch, an experienced trial attorney who is able to understand the complexities of our business.  We know we can count on him to handle all our contract disputes, business problems, employment issues, and contract negotiations.  We appreciate and value Mitch's strategy of finding the most cost effective way to resolve our legal problems.  He's been instrumental in us growing and achieving our goals."    John, Hazardous Waste Disposal Company

"I suffered severe injuries in a car accident.  The first attorney I went to, told me to take the insurance companies offer, because he could not get more money for me.   I looked for another attorney for a second opinion and found Mitch Taylor online.  He agreed to take my case and worked very patiently and smart which resulted in me getting much more money.    If you want a lawyer that will care about your case and be committed to working hard for you, you should talk with Mitch Taylor."   Susan, a very happy client

"I was referred to Mitch by one of my co-workers who heard he was a very good attorney for helping with DUI violations.  I was very worried that I would end up loosing my job as a commercial driver and when I called Mitch's office, I was transferred to him immediately.   He was very compassionate and reassured me he would take care of everything for me with the DMV and the court.  The entire process was much better than the nightmare stories I heard about from other co-workers who used other attorneys.   I am so thankful that I had Mitch as my attorney who fought for me all the way resulting in a good outcome.  I will refer anyone who needs a great attorney to Mitch."    Rick, Commercial Driver.

"Mitch Taylor saved my real estate career!   I was caught in the middle of a disclosure dispute that resulted in months of litigation between several parties.  Mitch represented me in the lawsuit in which he not only got me out of the litigation, but saved me from loosing my real estate license.    He continually gave me hope throughout the case which made the process much easier on me.  I am so very thankful that I was lucky enough to have Mitch Taylor as my attorney.   He is not only knowledgable about real estate law, but one of the best human beings I've ever met."    Monica, Real Estate Agent

"I hired Mitch as a real estate consultant on a very complex contract negotiation.  His expert opinion was monumental in the creation of a much better contract that was beneficial for everyone involved.  I've been in the real estate business for many years, and thought I knew everything about contracts, until I worked with Mitch.  His knowledge and creativity is invaluable.  I have continually called on Mitch's expert opinion on transactions and other business issues before they got out of hand."   Ronnie, Real Estate Broker

"I recommend hiring Mitch Taylor if you get a DUI.  I thought my life was over after getting my second one, but he got me through the court hearings and negotiated a great deal with the DA.  I will be forever grateful to Mitch."  J.P.

"Thank you Mitch for getting our family through this very difficult time.  We appreciate all the hard work you put into our case. - Sanchez Family

"Mitch, I wanted to thank you for all the time you spent talking with me about my case, and the hard work you put into getting me all the money to replace my car, get the medical attention I needed, and the extra money in my pocket.  Like your secretary said to me, "You are one of the good guys".  Thank you again!"  - Robert

"Mitch Taylor stepped in to keep my business from closing when the State of California were attempting to revoke my license.  With his knowledge of the car industry and his ability to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles, who respect him, places Mitch as the top attorney to go to for car dealers and their salesmen.  He has been instrumental in revamping my business plan which has proven to increase not only sales but my reputation.   I consult with Mitch now nearly on a weekly basis to keep my growing business in good standing.  Henry, Car Dealer