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Personal Accomplishments

Mitch has written a thrilling novel, “The Camburin Seed” receiving rave reviews from men and women, young and old alike.   Mitch Taylor traveled through Asia and the Orient during one of the most horiffic periods of human history....the Vietnam era.
Mitch is an incredible personality with extraordinary experiences and impressively talented.  

Be ready to escape in this powerful story …Investigating the rumors of genocide in Cambodia and how refugees are smuggled into Thailand, the young journalist embarks on a path of intrigue, betrayal, tragedy, love and hope....        

A few testimonials:

… “Amazing, Thoroughly Gripping, Terrifically Exciting”… - Bella Fena-Hoadley  

 “…a fascinating look at a time of sorrow and violence in an exotic country far away, told from a thought provoking perspective that many of us may not have ever considered.  Mitch Taylor wove a story of drama, action and romance into an historical event the reader will not soon forget…. I can’t wait for this new author to publish another one of his masterpieces.”   -  Angie Wilcox, Clovis, California   

“...A big thumbs up for a must read book. It’s hard to put the book down once you’ve started to read this magnificent story.” - Bella Fena-Hoadley, Fresno, California

 “All the ingredients one loves to see in a novel.  In addition to the many historical facts was romance, secrets, suspense and intrigue, all of which leaves you anxious to see what happens next...A well written tale.” - Sandy Swanson, Tulsa, Oklahoma     

“A very descriptive and entertaining storyline that makes you feel you’re right there in the action with the characters, seeing the story unfold...Hard book to put down, with an unexpected twist at the end…Definitely worth reading."  - Bobby Fena, Fresno, California

“The Camburin Seed has all the elements of a great drama.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we see this on the big screen some day.  I would recommend this book to men and women alike.” - Jocelyn Fuller, Fresno Magazine
“A sensational...riveting tale of an era that still haunts us today.” - Linda Starr, Sacramento, California

Mitch is on his second novel, “Between Heaven and Hell”. 

Mitch is also a champion in the world of auto racing including his victory at the Vukovich Memorial race in 1998.  He was labeled “Legal Eagle” by Open Wheel Magazine, which stuck with him throughout his racing career.  Mitch has proven  to be a courageous leader on and off the track.  He began driving Asphalt Super Modifieds, #77 in 1994 and later became president of the CAM 360 racing organization and began a huge fundraising campaign called the Valley Children’s Hospital Racing Series, raising thousands of dollars to help children.