Divorce is never easy.  This is a time of change and therefore a time of additional stress.  Many decisions need to be made even though your emotions are in turmoil.

Mitch is devoted to helping his clients resolve their family law concerns in an effective and efficient way.  With more than 32 years as an attorney, Mitch has the experience to help you get through your family law matter in a compassionate, and honest manner.

Mitch represents clients who are facing a contested or uncontested divorce, and domestic partners looking to establish a legal separation.  As his client, you will find that he is truly interested in helping you reach the best possible resolution in your case.   Mitch takes the time to get to know you and understand your goals.

Uncontested divorce

In a uncontested divorce, spouses and their representative attorneys draft a Marital Settlement Agreement that is mutually acceptable to both parties.  These agreements can include arrangements for child support and custody, spousal support or property division.

contested divorce

Contested Divorce can be complex.  It is not uncommon for separating couples to disagree about distribution of assets, division of debts, and other concerns.   There are many possible issues, including:

  • Temporary orders for support and custody
  • Use and possession orders governing the marital home or car
  • Domestic violence orders or protection
  • Restraining orders for the protection of property and assets
  • Child support, custody and visitation
  • Spousal support
  • Valuations of assets, such as stocks and family businesses
  • Jurisdiction concerns arising from parties filing in different countries

When divorcing, it is important to make certain tax matters are taken into consideration during property division.  Mitch recommends talking with an accountant and if necessary, Mitch can assist you in forming a corporation or partnership if it is deemed beneficial. 

Following a divorce, Mitch can assist you with post-judgment modifications of divorce, custody an support orders.  He can help you with issues of enforcement, including contempt motions.

family law

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